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Sleeklens – Landscape Adventure Collection Review

I had a chance to test out the Landscape Adventure Collection actions for Photoshop, and wanted to write my impressions about it.

First set of actions is intended to correct your exposure, and contrast levels. although exposure correction is based on exposure adjustment layer in Photoshop that for me never worked, except when working on a 32 bit file. The brighten if shadows and reduction of hilights will be used often.

The base actions are kind of “one click fixes” for your image.
These are mostly good to start with, but I am also having a problem with them – they work from a round layer, so they are kind of destructive. I would like to see an improvement here maybe in a way of merging the visible image and working from that layer on, so you could just click on actions and then after the fact change opacity of each edit.
You can get lover the opacity on some of them, as they at least duplicate the background layer, but if you don’t flatten the image after each action it does not work as it should.

They add curves layers, and process your image with Camera raw filter, to get the exposure and clarity to where you want it. Or not really… They seem to be designed for underexposed images,so I found when i had a high contrast image that needs lifting the shadows they are great. You are also able to add a great level of clarity on your image with a few clicks. I also have a bit of a problem here because, they add a level of sharpening so you might end up with an over sharpened image. This might be good if you are posting to web but for print you might get too much.

You get also ALL IN ONE actions that are named intuitively, so you can add some atmosphere with a click or two. They are great to add warmth, and warm inviting atmosphere or go the opposite direction and get some dark cinematic mood in your landscape.

I might sounded too critical at times, but I wanted to point out some possible problems so they might improve these actions. Landscape Adventure Collection represent a great value for someone not too keen on editing an image for hours, but getting great results. I think that if you are an amateur/enthusiast these are a must have, but also great starting point, and tool to speed up your workflow for long time Photoshop users.

These are the links if you want to check them out:, and

Here’s a video on how to install PS actions on MAC and PC:

Here’s another video on how to work with the Landscape adventure PS workflow: